An ancient traditional greeting among believers (first developed in the eastern branches of Christendom, and now practiced everywhere) that goes back to the time immediately following our Lord’s resurrection reveals the centrality of Christ’s resurrection that the early believers understood to be true…and more importantly, upon which they based their lives. Based on Luke 24:5 & 34, the exclamation, “He is risen!” invites the affirmation, “He is risen indeed!” The┬áPaschal greeting, as it is known, is really appropriate anytime we meet one another as followers of the risen Christ. As we greet other disciples of our Lord in the days to come, personally and corporately, let us keep the fact of Christ’s resurrection, witnessed by many and proven in the changed hearts and lives of believers through the ages, in the forefront of our minds and hearts to the end of greater holiness and humility in the presence of the King.

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