The first quarter of 2013 will see our ongoing class discussing Christian apologetics (the defense of the faith) and worldview continue on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. The class length is approximately one hour. A textbook (about $12) is required, along with the Scriptures. No registration is required for this course…just come and dive in! The class will run through the end of May.

Late spring and summer studies will include a class on the life of Jesus Christ. Please watch for updates, or call the office, for requirements and schedule information.

The format of our classes is guided discussion. There will be no charge for taking the classes, though you may need to purchase a text or two for reading and discussion purposes. Students high school age and up are welcome to take part, and the public is welcome. Currently we intend to eventually develop the curriculum into a one-year certificate in various areas of biblical studies, apologetics, and worldview studies. We have an arrangement with Western Reformed Seminary in Tacoma, Washington, to accept our classes for credit for students that wish to pursue their studies on the graduate seminary level.

Please call the church office at 208-267-3327 for more information!

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