What To Expect

What To Expect


As a Reformed church, our order of worship is grounded in the practices of the early church and the Reformation. Our music is a gospel centered mix of modern and classic psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. We gather together for the simple, ancient, glorious things that God has always used to minister to his people by his Spirit: the Word of God (read and preached), the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, prayer, and the celebration of the Lord’s Table.

All those who desire to hear the good news of Jesus Christ are welcome to join us. Our members and visitors come from all walks of life: different ethnicities, different ages, different ways of dressing, different personalities. We are saved only by the grace of God, and we strive – though imperfectly – to show that same grace to others. Come hear, taste, and see that the Lord is good!

A typical service order for the main worship service is as follows:

Instrumental Prelude/Meditation


Silent Prayer – personal praise, petition, and confession

Psalm 24: 1-2 “The earth is Yahweh’s, and all its fullness”

*Scriptural Call to Worship

*Invocation and the Lord’s Prayer

*Hymn or Psalm

Responsive Reading from the Psalms

*Hymn or Psalm

Psalm 24:3-4 “Who may ascend into the hill of Yahweh?”

Corporate Praise, Petition, and Confession

Scriptural Affirmation of our Acceptance by our Lord

Psalm 24:5-6 “He shall receive blessing”

*Scripture Reading – (Sermon text)


*Hymn or Psalm

Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

Psalm 24:7 “Yahweh of hosts is the King of glory”



*Congregation: Threefold Amen


*Please stand if you are able to do so.


We believe that the Lord’s Supper provides real spiritual nourishment for the believer, and as such, we normally participate in the Lord’s Supper every Lord’s Day, unless Pastor or another minister is unable to be here. This precious ordinance is for baptized believers and their covenant children who are able to examine themselves and participate with discernment (1 Cor. 11:27-29) under the oversight of duly ordained leadership in a local church (Acts 2:42). Your faith should fall within the bounds of historic orthodox Christianity. Furthermore, the conduct of your life should be consistent with the demands of holiness as set forth in God’s Word. If you are unsure whether or not you should partake with us, please talk to Pastor prior to the service.


Relax! God put the wiggle in children. Learning to sit quietly is certainly important, but don’t feel pressured to achieve perfection today in God’s house. All are welcome!

Sit wherever you like. Make it easy for your little ones to see and hear what’s going on. They tire of seeing the backs of others’ heads.

Quietly explain the parts of the Service and actions of the pastor, elders, deacons, etc.

Sing the hymns, pray, and voice the responses. Children learn liturgical behavior by copying you.

If you have to leave the service with your child, feel free to do so, but please come back. As Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” Our nursery is downstairs for your use, and you will still be able to hear the service while you are there.


We invite you come to Providence Bible Presbyterian Church just as you are. The dress and atmosphere tends to be relaxed but reverent. You can wear jeans. You can wear a tie. It’s your decision. We understand that God looks upon the heart, not the outward appearance.


On the first Sunday of each month after the morning service, you are invited to join us for a fellowship meal. Please feel free to join us even if you weren’t able to bring a dish to share.